Patricia Raven

- ASK DIP Kinesiology 
- Certified Homeopath PHSH (Hom)
- Usui Reiki Master Teacher
- Karuna Reiki Practitioner
- Acupressure Therapist
- Lava Shells Practitioner
- Thai Foot Massage (DIP) 
- C.L.R.T Certified

-Reiki Master Usui Reiki

- Reiki Practitioner - Karuana

-© 2019 Access Consciousness Practitioner

- Homeobotanicals (Hbt)

I offer a unique yet different approach to health, using a wide variety of treatments, therapies and techniques.

As you can see from the name there is no one particular discipline used.  However, I do use a multitude of therapies to support each individual. The main theme to my practice is that I treat every person as an individual and not solely on their presenting condition.  I take a range of factors and indicators into consideration and adopt an holistic approach to facilitate healing across a number of levels.

I am a qualified Kinesiologist. I use Homeopathy, Acupressure and Reiki as well as Flower essences, nutrition and CLRT.  All of the above are used to bring about a holistic and harmonic healing from within.

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