Flower Essences

Flower essence therapy utilises the energy of flowers by immersing fully-blooming flowers in spring water and placing them under direct sunlight. The energy is transferred to the water and with a preservative added, this is the liquid we see in the tinctures. Flower essences are known for their holistic therapeutic qualities. 

Flower essence therapy is designed to restore the balance between the mind, body and spirit by tackling the underlying mental, emotional or spiritual problems which often manifest themselves as physical illnesses or ailments within the human body.

This type of therapy can help with a vast range of conditions, including:

  • Hay fever, arthritis, RSI, cancer, psoriasis or breathing problems
  • Behavioural issues such as anger, emotional withdrawal and self-control
  • Psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia, paranoia, phobias or psychosis
  • Bereavement, crises, anxiety, nerves, energy depletion or stress

Dr Edward Bach is renowned as being the first doctor of modern times to use flower essence therapy in the 1930s. Dr Bach’s special blend of flower essences (Rescue Remedy or 5 Flowers Remedy) is today widely available around the world. Thousands of other essences today exist, each harnessing their own unique healing and restorative properties.

This may of course beg the question as to what stops a person simply buying the essences for themselves? The answer would be nothing. However, each and every person reacts differently and has a unique set of issues at the root of their symptoms. Once these issues have been revealed, I am then able to create remedies from individual essences for my clients to orally administer over the course of their treatment.

During all my treatments I only use high quality essences: Bach remedies or flower essences from Aus Flowers.

“The main reason for the failure of the modern medical science is that it is dealing with results and not causes. Nothing more than the patching up of those attacked and the burying of those who are slain, without a thought being given to the real strong hold.”
— Dr Bach