What is Kinesiology?

The basic tool within kinesiology is the muscle test, which is the ability to hold a muscle against light pressure. Initially, testing a series of muscles highlights which area to focus upon.

The ultimate aim of Systematic Kinesiology is to rectify muscle imbalances in the body, restore balance and to integrate the left and right brain functions.

Systematic Kinesiology was developed by Brian Butler based from the original creation of Applied Kinesiology of Dr. Goodheart. The International College of Applied Kinesiology was established and twelve doctors worked on the research into muscle testing. Systematic kinesiology is a totally wholistic therapy using the body's bio-feedback mechanism through muscle testing to gain information about the client.

Each time a relevant factor is introduced the muscle's response changes, similar to a switch. Based on this feedback myself and the client (you) can devise a procedural plan when the muscle can be re-tested at a future consultation. We will start by discussing your health status and from the information received, we will then proceed by doing a series of muscle tests. If a muscle tests 'spongy' it gives an indication to of how to proceed.

Suggestions and advice may include nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and more. I am dedicated to helping people. I able to help clients much more effectively if each person commits to taking personal responsibility and improving their own health regime. I offer a safe, private and personal service, attuned to your individual needs.

I am an ASK Certificated Kinesiologist, full of enthusiasm for this practice having received extensive benefit in my own life from the treatment and have fantastic feedback from many clients.


How many consultations will I need?

This number of sessions depends very much on the individual and how fully they engage with suggested plans. Usually, you will requires three to six visits. I then recommended that you have routine consultations two to three times a year for the sake of prevention.